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Welcome to the Rice Schedule Planning Website.

The system is now using data for Fall 2014 registration. The evaluations for Fall 2013 are loaded.

Note that a number of courses are bringing up the wrong or no evaluations. This appears to have been caused by the CRN for many courses having changed and the system picks up hisory by matching CRN. Thus if the CRN has changed you may either see no evaluations or evaluations for a different course.

I will try to fix this over the next week by keying off of course number rather than CRN. Until then, look at instructor evals and pick courses that instructor has taught. They should be complete and correct.

Note to Students: Schedule Planner is a tool written by a Rice faculty member intended to help students plan which courses to take. It graphically shows your schedule, various sections of a course, and even provides easy access to course and instructor evaluations.

To actually register for your courses, you still need to use the new ESTHER Course Registration Planner system created by official Rice University Administrative Systems Group.

In the future we hope to eliminate the confusing name selected for ESTHER Course Registration Planner and add a mechanism where Schedule Planner can automatically upload your data to Esther - but for this first season you need to do this yourself.

Luckily Schedule Planner makes it easy for you to choose the list of CRNs so that you can enter them into ESTHER Course Registration Planner.

Scott Cutler

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  • The About tab describes the motivation behind this website.
  • The Instructions tab provides instructions for using this website.
  • The Utilities tab allows users to email their list of courses and to administer their account / change password.
  • The Change Semester tab is used to change which semester's data is used; from 2007 until present defaulting to the latest available.
Click http://www.rice.edu/advising to launch the official Rice University Advising Website in a separate browser window.

Please use the Utilities page to submit bugs, request features or provide other feedback.


Disclaimer: Information provided by this website is meant to aid in the selection of courses. It uses publically available information; however, enrollment numbers are not live data. During peak registration times the number of available slots for a course may be significantly less than the number shown. Also if a course has a waitlist, an available spot is reserved for someone currently on the waitlist. Be very cautious in dropping courses based on displayed enrollment information.