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When I first became an Engineering Divisional Advisor at Duncan College, I had a basic understanding of the courses required to graduate, but almost no knowledge of curriculum outside of ECE and Computer Science. Luckily the School of Engineering had published sample curriculum for its various degrees. These all assumed an incoming freshman with no AP credit.

I created a website to help select courses for freshmen who came to Rice with AP credit. The standard guides for Engineering covered all the departments; but only provided suggestions for students entering Rice with no AP credit - and the majority of students have some AP credit.

That website required me to obtain a list of information on available courses - and from this I started the development of a program to help existing Rice students plan their courses in a more efficient way than had been in use. This is the first edition of that program. It will get better. It will scale better over time. It will be hosted on something other than the COMP446 personal website.

Please send corrections or suggestions to cutler@rice.edu.